Want to buy a giant Star Trek themed house?

Star Trek themed house

We’ve talked before about Star Trek themed houses. This one might just take the cake – and if you have any interest in living in the Houston, TX area, here’s your chance to buy it.

We heard about this via a Startrek.com newsletter article this weekend, who heard about it through the Houston Chronicle. We’re not into giant houses, so at 6,000+ square feet, this falls (and surpasses) that category – but still… STAR TREK!

Star trek movie theater

Judging from the photos (you can see them all here), it seems to have a Star Trek themed movie theatre, lounge, sonic shower-less bathroom, and guest quarters – combining styles and tech from multiple Star Trek series (it also has an indoor pool, castle themed rooms, and some massively large bathrooms). And if you have an extra $1,265,000 available, this could be yours. No, the price does not include replicators or a holodeck.

Star Trek bedroom

So we’ll ask again – could you ever see yourself living in a themed house? Our dream would be to one day have a big basement (which are unheard of where we live in LA), which we could turn into our geek paradise. Until then, we try to keep our geek home decor a litttttle on the subtle side (see: our house tour). Mostly. Sometimes. Except the times we hang Wampa heads on our wall?

PS: If you want to add some Star Trek to your house without building your own bridge, we do have a few Trek inspired DIY projects we’ve done: Star Trek LLAP book end, Star Trek welcome mat, Star Trek fabric pet bed, Star Trek quote artwork



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