Geek Holidays: Weeping Angel tree topper

Doctor Who Weeping Angel tree topper

We don’t do a lot of posts just showing you a single (non-DIY) item, but we’re kind of in love with this new Doctor Who Weeping Angel tree topper, from ThinkGeek.

We actually planned on making a DIY Weeping Angel tree topper ourselves this year, but this ThinkGeek version is priced right ($19.99) and looks awesome, so we’re buying instead. It might even replace our 8-bit Mario Star tree topper from last year.

It’s hard to believe it’s only a few weeks until Christmas, but we’re starting to dig out some of our geek holiday decorations from last year (like our DIY geek wreath8-bit ornaments, and Star Trek christmas stockings), and we have quite a few new projects in the works, as well as new DIY geek gifts.

DIY geeky 8-bit ornaments

We’d love to see your holiday projects! Let us know if you’re working on anything fun. And is there a Weeping Angel tree topper in your future?


  1. Jennifer Mitton says

    I totally made a weeping angel tree topper 2 years ago!!! Spray paint (silver over a black base coat), and an $4 angel from a discount store. We pulled out the “guts” (It was a lighted topper- so I just took out all the lighting from under the skirt) I hot glued the hands in place, then hung it up to spray it inside and out. It looks fantastic and I get compliments from every Whovian that enters the house at the holidays!

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