Interested in being a contributor on Our Nerd Home?

We’re considering hiring a contributor or two, to write geek stuff for Our Nerd Home! We’ll of course still be doing our regular original DIY tutorials, but want to invite friends with similar voices and styles to occasionally contribute…

Before we get into THAT though – we have a fun quick geek DIY tutorial coming to you this week, that we teased on Instagram (if you follow us there, you’ll get sneak peaks of our projects, as well as random geek stuff). We also have a Batman Valentine’s Day/spring project for next week… because Batman loves Love? Spring? Flowers? Oh well. Oh – and we’re going to Sundance, so watch Instagram for random snow/cold/films/Sundance stuff!

Anyway. Contributors. We are potentially looking for a contributor to write 1-2 original geek posts a month, that fit the feel/style/look of Our Nerd Home, but of course with your own voice. Posts would need to include at least 2 original photos that are of a high quality (not that we’re the best photographers by ANY means, but you know what we’re saying. No cell phone pics). We prefer photos to be just of items, not people – just so everything is consistent. Obviously we focus on geek decor here, so the best posts for us would be a quick geek home DIY project or the like. We’d also be open to a monthly column or round-up type posts as long as you give proper credit on all photos and links. (On the subject of proper credit… a quick reminder that our projects are original designs, copyright Our Nerd Home, that we work pretty hard on – so if you use them somewhere else please be cool and give credit/link back!)

If this sounds like you, shoot us an email with a link to your blog and an idea of what you might want to write about. If all fits, we’ll then let you know about the laughably low pay, but other perks that would be included (links back to your site, promotion on social media, etc). We don’t really make money on the blog but are believers that people shouldn’t work for free, so there you go. 🙂

info [@] ournerdhome . com

PS: A few people have mentioned that our site runs slow/glitchy on Chrome, but runs fine/quick on Safari. I’m trying to figure out why, but if anyone has suggestions, we’d love to hear ’em!


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